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Osaei ST. BIERUT Lebanon
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Welcome to Compucenter Kasem Daoud contact information Golayet@hotmail.com

Our Mission: We are a Company dedicated to bringing Buyers and Sellers together. We deal in International Trading of Commodities. Primarily in the following products: Used Medical Equipments, Computers, Sheep wool, Petroleum Products, REBCO, BLCO, D2, Jet Fuel, and Gasoline. We deal with Volume Purchasers as well as a selected group of Professionals and Trustworthy Brokers. Locators of the Products, and also the locators of the buyers and sellers. We are based In Lebanon in the heart of the Middle East. Our Mission is to Facilitate all Of your Business needs. We are ready and willing to comply with all your Codes Of Business Conducts. Our Philosophy Is: Keep Your feet on the Ground and Reach for the Sky. The Products we deal in and the our method of Operation is dealing with Volume Buyers of D2, JP54, and Crude Oil. We have contacts that supply wheat and flour to the world. All our transactions are done with integrity and protection for all. We look forward to working with you and keeping a long term business relationship.

Our Ambition: is to Become one of the Best Business Service Providers.

Company Profile: Our Company was first established in 1983. As a General Trading Establishment (First Grade) & ever since we have been able to make big strides in moving the Establishment toward the Newest Generation of Global Commerce via the Internet. We have participated in Construction Projects, Our Services: Commercial Service ,Management Consulting ,Brokerage, Intermediary Services. We are a qualified team. We are not just another purchasing agent or trading company. We operate openly and keep you well informed on a daily basis of our Business dealings with you and our company progress. We trust in open and honest business, it's our belief that honesty is the basis for fruitful long term business relationship. Whether you are looking for agents, distributors, international traders, contract manufacturers, or licensing or joint venture partners. Our qaulified and talented team of Professional Business Executives will help you find the right contacts to fit your needs and requirments. We have the ability to work well with people, who have the drive and interest to accomplish their goals and put forth the several years of experience to work. Our experience in International Business makes us uniquely qualified for a position as your International Liason Representative or as your Special Delegate in the Middle East. Our operations include purchasing, commodity inspection, and shipping experts. We help companies who want to purchase from around the world and find qualified manufacturers with very reasonable pricing. All details from the factories will be reported to you. These include factory location, contact information, factory size, factory profit status, technology level, equipment status, number of employees, main customers, quality standards and capital background. All information is first-hand from the factory, all transactions are x-documented and recorded. All business dealing are legitimate. For each product we will give you information about at least 3 and up to 10 factories!Compucenter is a service company that provides you with excellent quality services. We will help you locate items and products that you deem necessary. We will provide you with the best quality and prices. We will do all the searches for you with you having to hassle and waste time doing it yourself. We really look forward to developing a mutually rewarding and profitable business relationship with your business. Please contact us with any questions and initial interest. We would be please to furnish your needs and give you further details regarding our Compnay, Application Forms, Procedures and Costs. We are looking to establish a long lasting business relationship with serious brokers, Intermediaries, lawyers, and bankers with viable projects. < //--> To get the oil price, please enable x-javax-script.

for more information call: 9613-123280

Adress: Osaie main St. above shamseen Bakery Compucenter-�Beirut -Lebanon

About Us

kasem daoud
Our Mission: We are a Company dedicated to bringing buyers and sellers together.
We deal in International Trading of Commodities. Primarily in the following products:
Petroleum Products, REBCO, BLCO, D2, Jet Fuel, Gasoline
We deal with Volume Purchasers who suppliers as well as a select group of Professional and trustworthy brokers. Locators of the Products, and also the locator of the buyers and sellers
We Are Ready, Willing, And Able To Comply With All Your Codes Of ...

Company Profile

Country/Territory: Lebanon
Business Type: Distributor/Wholesaler
Registration Date: 2002/10/15 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Both
Keyword EVERY THING, COMPUTERS, FUEL, MONEY, ENERGY, used medicalequipment